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HVS Registered Pagani Ranch, Sonoma Valley

Registered by the Historic Vineyard Society Registered


Vineyard Name:


Pagani Ranch

Decade Planted:








Sonoma Valley

Current Owner:


Pagani Family

32 Vineyard Blocks:


Click here to see Block Chart




7 Photos:





Name of grower who first planted vines (if known):


Felice Pagani




Vineyard Location (nearest major road intersection):


Highway 12 and Dunbar Road, Glen Ellen




Historical producers and dates (if known):


Ridge, St. Francis, Carlisle, Bedrock, Biale, Seghesio, Wellington




Taste characteristics:


Zinfandel, Exotic, dark, ultra ripe, lush character, a big rich bold Zinfandel wine from old vine fruit. Alicante is used as a blending grape, with Zinfandel to enhance color and flavors and balance high alcohols.




What makes this heritage vineyard special? (brief history, interesting anecdotes, etc.):


Angela and Felice Pagani came from Italy to Sonoma Valley in the late 1880's and purchased the ranch and planted these vines. It is a very rare vineyard because it has narrow rows, head trained and dry farming. The vineyard used to be plowed by horses before tractors and discs were invented.




Submitted by (Name and relation to vineyard):


Dino Pagani Amantite




Contact information (email address, phone number):






Notes and interesting facts on vineyard blocks (rootstock, topography, trellising, irrigation, cover crops, soil depth, orientation, maximum grade, etc.):


St George Rootstalk, Head Trained, Dry Farmed, a rare viticulture treasure that has very narrow rows which makes farming very difficult. This vineyard is just like it was in the early 1900?s with no changes, only a few replants.








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